Helpful Podcasts for Dealing with Anxiety

Just like the rest of the world, Covid has been the catalyst for some significant changes in my life. One of those changes happens to be that I work almost entirely remotely now. I go in one day per week to do a few essential tasks in the office, but for the rest of the week I’m blessed to be able to work in my yoga pants from my couch.

For me (introvert that I am), this has been one of the few positive changes living through a global pandemic brought about. My stress levels have significantly decreased. My work-life balance has improved. I have more flexibility in my schedule. I get more time outside in the sun. I get to spend more time with my dogs. And…I started listening to podcasts.

At the office I never got the chance to listen to podcasts, or music for that matter, because of endless meetings and interactions with co-workers. But the solitude of my home office has allowed me to discover the world of podcasts and I’ve found a few to be really insightful, informative and helpful, particularly in regards to anxiety, stress and mental health in general.

If you’re looking for a podcast as an additional resource in combating your anxiety, here are a few of my recommendations:

  1. Chloe Brotheridge – The Calmer You Podcast – This one is probably my favorite. Chloe used to suffer from anxiety, low self esteem and a lack of confidence. She’s since discovered all kinds of tools to overcome the challenges she’s faced. She interviews loads of interesting people with unique perspectives and experience on all things related to mental health and boosting confidence. Her solo episodes are also helpful. She really has a way with words and somehow can say something I’ve heard over and over again, but in a new way that brings about a whole new perspective.
  2. Owning it: The Anxiety Podcast with Caroline Foran – I actually stumbled upon Caroline Foran’s podcast because she was a guest on Chloe Brotheridge’s podcast. I love the title of her show and her book. Owning it. And that is exactly what Caroline does. I admire her openness and willingness to share her struggles with anxiety. She has frank, honest conversations with people about their experiences with stress and anxiety disorders. I find myself nodding a long to the things she says and it makes me feel less alone.
  3. The Anxiety Coaches Podcast with Gina Ryan – Gina’s voice is incredibly soothing. She speaks softly and slowly and I find myself relaxing the second the podcast comes on. She does short, solo episodes but they pack a ton of helpful information into about 20 minutes. She’s encouraging and kind. Her podcast always feels like a hug.
  4. Timothy Keller Gospel in Life Podcast – This one has less to do with anxiety and more to do with faith. But if you’ve ever struggled with doubts about God, or are more interested in finding out about the Christian faith, I highly recommend this podcast. Dr. Keller is one of the best teachers I’ve ever heard. I’ve grown up in the church. My dad is a preacher and I’ve been a Christ-follower for a long time but every time I listen to this podcast I learn something new or I look at my faith from a new perspective.
  5. Your Anxiety Toolkit with Kimberly Quinlan – Kimberly’s favorite expression is “you can do hard things”. She has a way of putting anxiety into perspective without minimizing the struggle. Although she addresses anxiety disorder in general, she focuses on OCD and the challenges associated with it. Even though I don’t consider myself to have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I have struggled with the symptom of intrusive, frightening thoughts. It was one of my worst symptoms in the beginning. I wish I had found this podcast years ago, because it would have helped me to understand what was going on a lot sooner.
  6. The Ultimate Health Podcast with Jesse Chappus – This one is not specifically related to anxiety, but Jesse looks into all of the newest health trends out there, and many of them speak to a variety of mental health issues. I always, always learn something new. Jesse interviews some really impressive professionals in the medical and holistic health fields.

I’m sure there are more out there and I look forward to discovering more as I delve further into the world of podcasts. If you’re suffering from anxiety, or really any kind of mental health issue, I hope you find one of these helpful. Podcasts can be a wonderful resource to add to your anxiety fighting toolbox.

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